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dribdrabble fanfiction - the art of drabbling
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the art of drabbling - fanfiction

Welcome to dribdrabble_ff!

This is a community for the art of drabbling moderated by aisley_crosse and aka_centimetre2.


1. Our definition of a drabble is a piece of prose fiction 50 to 500 words long. Anything that doesn't fall within these parameters will be deleted by the mods.
2. Absolutley NO FLAMING will be tolerated. This is an open forum for reading, compliments and constructive criticism only.
3. For each drabble, please post a HEADER with the title, rating, fandom, and wordcount of your drabble, as well as a brief summary and a DISCLAIMER.
4. All drabbles must be behind an LJ-cut. For help on how to use cuts, refer to the LJ FAQ pages.
5. This community is for PROSE drabbles only. Poetry has its own place and own communities, and does not fall under our definition of a drabble.
6. Your drabbles must be FANFICTION ONLY. For original fiction drabbles, please visit dribdrabble, our sister comm.
7. Entry posting is unmoderated, but if we find something that breaks these rules it will be deleted.

That's about it! Have fun!

To affiliate, please contact one or both of the mods directly.